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How is life for you?   WannaAsk.me
Getting better everyday, learning more about myself, and trying to live it to the fullest and gaining as much happiness has possible.
Do you think your pretty?   WannaAsk.me
I have my good days and bad days like all of us, but i think i’m unique looking in a positive way.
What was your favorite TV show as a child?   WannaAsk.me
I never watched too much tv i played lots of sports and was an active kid. i was always outside no matter the kind of season it was. swimming, rollerblading to skiing and sledding.
What you doing this autumn?   WannaAsk.me
Being a brides maid in my best friends wedding and maybe going on a nice vacation somewhere warm near an ocean.
You dress soo cute?   WannaAsk.me
thanks! i love fashion! I’m also a hair stylist so it’s kinda my job to do so lol
Who r the prettiest people u know?   WannaAsk.me
Jessie J, Rihanna, Mary S.
Do love a certain boy?   WannaAsk.me
No I like girls and no I do not have a special girl in my life right now :o(
Do you have a special male friend?   WannaAsk.me
anywhere and everywhere
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