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How is life? I looove you! :) Lets get tequila wasted soon. Guess who this is...   
Hmm. Alexa?
I love you))   
Thanks anonymous.. I probably love u too!!!!
Did u really have a party?   WannaAsk.me
no but i went to one
What are you looking forward to tommorow?   WannaAsk.me
work! hahahah ...but seriously kinda...i like to see my work friendsd
Who makes you laugh the hardest?   WannaAsk.me
jim at work
Do you have a special male friend?   WannaAsk.me
not right now
Which friend would you do anything for?   WannaAsk.me
i guess it depends what ...i mean id honestly take a bullet for any of my BEST friends....bc were all gonna die anyways and Id like to die knowing I had helped a friend live...but i mean, itd have to be a friend i know inside and out...and that i wasnt being set up lol
You dress soo cute?   WannaAsk.me
sweet!!! ive never been told THAT before..im a platos closet freak :)
What is your favorite food? lol I’m thinking I will be the first one to use this app since it was posted a minute ago. Sorry for not having anything clever to ask, well nothing clever that’s not dirty :)   
potato skins. while naked. there. now its dirty ;)
What are you doing this weekend?   WannaAsk.me
bg homecoming!!:)
Columbus, Ohio
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