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Ive had the biggest crush on you forever but im too scared to tell you:(   
aww dont be message me or something!
What happened in 6th grade when you were in the hospital? I always felt bad because you always looked sad nd sick :’(   
I had really bad issues with my stomach, and lost a lot of weight and was really sick :(
i love you jill :) don’t mind the haters! VV rivera*   Alyssa Jones
Love you booboo
hi ugly whatre u doing today   
Who dis... Lainey?
Hi Jill.   
Hi anonymous
you so cute   
Hehe Thank youuu :)
alyssa revera and tatiana were talking abot you to a mutal friends... stay clear..   
Well that’s not good ...
i wanna look like you.   
Aww thank you
jill is about 80 pounds soaking wet.. someone please explain to me who in there right mind would call jill fat? and a skank? wtf people are crazying baby girl... and im pretty positive everyone loves jill. fuck off.   
Hahaha aww thank you!!
you are a fat ugly skank. no one likes you bitch   
The feeling is mutual kass :)
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