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What’s the best way to relax after a long day?   WannaAsk.me
Burn One.
What do you do when you’re having trouble falling asleep at night?   WannaAsk.me
Well I have insomnia, so you know what I am getting to say.
Who’s the funniest person you know?   WannaAsk.me
Where do You think the Love is?   WannaAsk.me
The love is everywhere, it’s just expressed differently.
Whats one thing you really hate?   WannaAsk.me
You. jp
Are you more of a talker or more of a listener?   WannaAsk.me
-_- Town
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I’m a poetry type person. She wants someone to make her happy, I said, «I’ll do the best that I can.»
She wants someone to treat her right, I’ll show her I am that man.
I am here to listen to your problems, to show that I care
Someone living a life without love is a life that’s not fare
The best way to see happiness is when your a couple or a pair
Me breaking your heart? is something I won’t dare
— Chann Ang
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