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what color is my bathroom?   
White. With yellow ducks, and green frogs.
how did i get here?   
Ask your parents :) And if they dont know. Well I guess you took a wrong turn somewhere.
what’s wrong with Da’ Bears this year? : (   
Cant protect Cutler. poor decision making on defense. No talented wide receivers. Just poor mistakes on both sides of the ball
How are you? *=)   
Im super. Hope youre good too!
What are your favorite hobbies?   
I love sleep! I love to read. I love to play guitar. Hanging out with friends. Or even just going to a movie by myself. A lot of quiet things are good. Walks. Running. I run a whole lot. And working out at the gym in general.
Indeed, you are very beautiful girl :)   
Thanks. Youre pretty spectacular yourself!
I love your eyes)   
I love your face!
Do love a certain boy?   WannaAsk.me
Do you think your pretty?   WannaAsk.me
I think Im average
Have you ever been in love?   WannaAsk.me
Yes a couple of times. Ended up with a broken heart in the end. But that doesnt mean Im quitting.
Chicago, IL
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