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Mandy LikeAboss
Yuba City, CA
I’m a simple girl, With life’s simple joys.
Traditional, Punjabi Kuri...not whitewashed at at all. I like it old school!
I don’t wear a label because I’m a little bit of everything.
Know what i’m expecting out of the future..I have great plans;)
Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.
I have my goals set for me, but it’s gonna take some time. Maybe even shorter than expected cuz I’m a speed racerrrrr.
-I can be a mysterious girl. You’ll never know what’s running through my mind, unless I tell you haha ;) -I can be a sweetheart, but I can also be stubborn & bitchy. All depends on how you treat me..
-I respect those who respect me and forget those who forget me. Simple as that.
-I’m a romantic person.♥
-I’m unpredictable and spontaneous.
-Loyal, sincere and caring.
-I try to be forgiving. -One of a kind.
-I always try to see the best in you...even if you annoy me.
-I have the sixth sense, sometimes it’s pretty cool & sometimes it’s just freaky! Ha
-My intuitions always prove to be true! (99.9% of the time)
-I love people who keep it real with me, appreciate me & love me for me.
-I can give second chances to people, but don’t expect more than that. After that it’s just too much! You fuck up the second time, your done for good! -*Fear* Getting hurt by the people who are special & most closest to heart. -*Fear* Going through another heartbreak.
-You will be treated exactly how you treat me. So watch it.
-Feisty, stubborn, sarcastic, blunt but also sweet, caring & loving.
-You won’t find a girl like me, a mix of everything, my kind is rare and going somewhat extinct ;)
-I’m very honest, and will tell you like it is. So don’t be surprised.
And honestly, I’d have to say, I just want to be a loyal, honest, loving, humble person and do more for others than I do for myself, so I can be remembered as a good person! ♥
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